Madan Shumsher JBR

Lt.-Gen.Madan Shumsher JBR(1909–1955) was the youngest son of Maharaja Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher JBR.[1]
He is considered Father of Nepali Cricket as he introducing Cricket for the first time in 1920s and organizing many cricket completion in Nepal .[2] In 1947 he was made the president of the first ever football committee formed in Nepal for promoting Football.[3] After his death in 1955, an award Madan Puraskar and a archive library Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya was established in his honor by his wife Jagadamba Kumari Devi to Nepalis contributing in Nepali Language, Literature, Art and Folk Culture Field.[2]

1947 General Madan instituted the ‘Bishnu Trophy’ for league tournaments.
1952 Madan Memorial Shield instituted.

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